Chas Cares 2010

Chas Everitt Randburg Supports Cheshire Home

Home's mission is to provide support services in partnership with persons with disabilities, which empower service users and enhance their quality of life. The organization's goals include:

  • To promote residential care for profoundly disabled persons 
  • To promote disabled persons' self development and self reliance. 
  • To operate day care education centers for disabled

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Chas Everitt Constantiaberg Supports SARDA

SARDA’s aim is to provide the opportunity of therapeutic and recreational horse riding for disabled people so that they might benefit in all aspects of their mental, physical and social lives.

The Chas Everitt Constantiaberg office have chosen to support SARDA in terms of the ChasCares programme that was initiated as a part of the Chas Everitt organisation's 30th Anniversary in 2010....

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Sydenham Retirement Village

Well done to Chas Everitt PE for an exceptional successful fund raising evening last night (16 June 2010).

Thanks to the Chas-team for you hard work, time and effort put into making it the success it was and thanks to all those who attended and supported our event and a very big thank you to Mike & Sharon, without you it would never have been such a success. We raised a wonderful amount of money for the Sydenham Retirement Village.

This project started small but is growing daily! We have got great people coming on board with us who will allow us to make a serious difference in these people's lives.

We did a Music Trivia evening last night (venue sponsored and music trivia facilitators did not charge us) and we had close on 200 people attending. Obviously we all had ‘stax’ of fun, but also hit home to these 200 people about the condition of the elderly living in the Sydenham Retirement Village and we're very fortunate to have raised R10,286 last night.

30 deeds of kindness

A Very big thank you to the Managers and Brokers of this region. We have no sooner came out of a recession period when we appealed to the different.

Principals and Managers to participate in the "30 deeds of kindness" and to support a Charity of choice in our Region.

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Chas Everitt Support SCEP

Since 2010 Chas Everitt Oudtshoorn has been involved in the Schoemanshoek Community Enhancement Project (SCEP). Once a week we provide a cooked meal for 60 children. We are also busy collecting warm blankets, clothes and mattresses for this community.

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Chas Everitt Westrand's Fundraising Project

Following our highly successful “Home Makeover” projects in 2008 and 2009, Chas Everitt's National Broker Council has launched a new Corporate Responsibility Programme “Chas Cares” aimed at supporting and uplifting our local Charities and Communities.

After consideration of the Charities and Community Projects within our area, we have decided that our Charity of Choice for 2010 will be Angel's Place.

A Safe Haven for abused, traumatized and neglected children, the Haven fosters 6 children at present and acts as an emergency place of safety for children in need of care and operates under the auspices of the Roodepoort Child and Family Welfare Society.

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Chas Everitt Bloemfontein Reaches Out

On a beautiful early spring day the Bloemfontein branch of Chas Everitt International Property Group set aside some time to reach out to their local community. The Bloemfontein based Free State Residential Care Centre annual Spring walk presented this opportunity to care for those far less privileged than most of us. Involved were more than 500 children and young adults from the Lettie Fouche school for the mentally disabled, a group from the Free State Residential Care Centre as well as a group from the Sunflower organisation for children with aids.

The Chas Everitt team arrived early at the tranquill National Botanical Gardens just outside the city and set up a watering point while awaiting the walkers. As the sun became hotter everything was ready for the hundreds of walkers to reach their halfway mark – the Chas Everitt gazebo with 600 bottles of prepared water and fresh slices of orange.

They arrived in different groups – some really exhausted - and were so thankful for the halfway refreshments. Some asked for extra water and more slices of orange and the Chas agents gladly helped each and everyone.

Everybody from the Chas team expressed the fact that this little bit of care was more than worthwhile after seeing and experiencing the joy and enthusiasm of these young people with disabilities.

According to branch manager, Willie Coetzer, this outreach will become a regular event in the ChasCare program of the Bloemfontein office of Chas Everitt International.

Chas Everitt office appeals for more toys

As part of the nationwide ChasCares social responsibility programme, the East London West branch of the Chas Everitt International property group recently ran a hugely successful toy donation drive in aid of the CHOC Childhood Cancer Foundation.

"Our community was extremely generous in their donations," says branch owner Clinton Krouse, "and as a result we were able to take bags of toys to all the little patients in the Frere Hospital children's oncology ward.

"Many of these children have to stay in hospital for extended periods of treatment - often without the care of their parents or families who live too far away and can't afford to come and visit them very often - so it was really wonderful to be able to bring them a little cheer.

"At the same time, though, interacting with these children was a heart wrenching experience. Seeing children as young as a year old having to go through such a traumatic ordeal really opened our eyes as to how privileged we are to have our health - and made us determined to do more to help them."

Consequently, he says, the agency will be continuing with its toy donation drive. "We are appealing to all who can to help, especially families with children of their own. Even one bag of toys can make a huge difference. Meanwhile, we would like to thank our community for the tremendous support they have already given our ChasCares project."

Helping Hands Day at Sydenham Retirement Village

A collage of some of the photos taken at Saturdays' Helping Hands Day at Sydenham Retirement Village.

Thank you to each and everyone who offered their time and services to assisting to make the day such a big success.  The elderly as still today talking about how much fun they had and how good their home now looks.

Children with cancer

Chas Everitt International East London West will be doing a toy collection drive in the area where we are situated. There are approximately 3500 homes in our direct area.

We will be sending leaflets out to the community asking for their support by donating old/second hand toys to be donated to CHOC and they will distribute the goodies accordingly. We have involved our local PEP, SPAR, PICK n PAY, schools and our churches as collection points as well as our office. Each collection point will have a supermarket trolley with Chas Cares logos as well as a Chas Bear inside the trolley. We also intend donating these bears together with all the other toys collected as well as certain Chas sweets (chasmarties, Chasietots ect.) on the "hand over" day.

When the schools, churches send notices out it will incorporate our Chas Cares Programme. We will also offer to collect at individual homes. We are very positive and supported by the community and anticipate a huge success.

Our project will run from 15/07/2010 to 15/08/2010

Chas Everitt Eastern Cape supports Hankey Childrens Home

Chas Everitt International Property group, Eastern Cape, have taken on the Hankey Childrens Home as their community project. This will be a project that we plan to support always.

Thank you to all of you that have supported this project in one way or another. Each child will be recieving a bicycle for Christmas, and when Chas Bear announced this, you could feel the excitment in the air. Next year in Febuary, we are planning the complete makeover to the children's home as this is an old building and needs alot of maintenance.

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Chas Everitt Eest London West Sponsors Voorpos Primary's Sports Day

One of East London's underprivileged schools had their sports day sponsored by Chas Everitt East London West.

The weather forecast for the that day was looking awful but luckily the weather held out and the sports day was a great success. There were 13 schools that participated and 1267 people attended this event.

From the Principal's desk, "Once again a big thank you for your support and cash donation towards our Sports Day. It was a wonderful day and your presence added to the success." says Andre Matthee.

Chas Everitt Northern Suburbs Supports Ubuntu House, Goodwood

Ubuntu House is part of the AFM Executive Welfare uMephi project and is a place of safety / halfway house for newborn babies, given up by their mothers, mostly saved from abortions and rejection due to HIV or abandoned and sometimes just thrown away.

Since the house opened in 2003 untill present (2008) they have cared for over 300 babies and placed 290 of them with adoption parents and reunited with their biological parents.

Chas Everitt Northern Suburbs in conjunction with retail stores in the vicinity will be collecting articles on their wish-list to make life a bit easier for these newborns.

The Chas Everitt Far East Rand team decided to partner Potters Haven in Struisbult, Springs

The Potters Haven has been in existence for over 4 years. Potters Haven is a place of safety for abused children and an overnight facility for any child in need on a 24/7 basis. It is managed by the Minnie family providing family care and love on an ongoing basis. A total of 30 children have crossed their threshold so far, in most cases, experiencing true proper family care and structure for the first time.

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