Chas Everitt celebrated their 67 Minutes for Madiba Day by giving back to their community.

Chas Everitt Westrand celebrated Madiba’s Birthday with an event that would change their lives forever. They wanted to give something back to the community for Madibia’s Birthday this year, and decided that a blanket drop together with the legal offices of Louw & Heyl would bring welcomed relief to those in need.

Armed with 160 blankets and countless cake tins full of cookies, they headed out for Moreglans Retirement home in Monument, to meet some of South Africa’s Golden Oldies.

Mrs F. Craus, one of the residents at Moreglans told our Sales Manager Tracey Everitt, “I’m a spring chicken compared to Madiba. He’s 94 and I’m 93. I don’t think he would be interested in me, as I’m far too young for him!” Mrs Estelle Marias snuck in to cover a frail resident with one of the many blankets that they brought along. Mr Seef, was visited by Mr Steven Deary, who brought some biscuits for his tea and had a little chat. As the agents worked their way around the home, they met with the elderly who had many stories to share. Annette Rautenbach took Mrs H. W. Coetzee a blanket giving her a warm hug. Mrs.Coetzee told Annette that she now had a wonderful new blanket to take with her to church on Sundays.

Once the Chas Everitt agents had finished their visit at Moreglans, they moved on to an impoverished area in Krugersdorp North, where destitute families found shelter in shacks. This little community has no running water, no sewerage facilities, one toilet with no door and two donkey boilers, living in abject poverty and braving the elements. Steven Van Niekerk from the Community Policing Forum took the agents round to distribute their blankets and biscuits, and gave the Chas Everitt Agents some information on how they can best serve the people of Villa Gloria. The people lined up for their blankets, and clothing donated by Janine Fourie of Crystal Inspirations, and Biscuits from Louw & Heyl Attorneys, while agents began to distribute the gifts both agents and the residents ended up standing around in the warm sunshine chatting with one another.

Chas Everitt will be making a conscious effort in assisting these people in whatever way we can, said Estelle Marais the Branch Manager of Chas Everitt Westrand. We would like to join with other companies in assisting these people. They are in desperate need of gas geysers, a closed sewerage system linking to the municipal lines, clothing and food supplies. Chas Everitt is investing in the lives of others, do you want to join hands with us? Together, we can make a difference and sharing the heavy load makes problems lighter to carry.

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